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Why can't I track my package / Where is my package?

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There are several reasons why you may not be able to track your package (or you can track it, but it only indicates "Electronic shipping information received" or something similar):

  • First, please note that Priority Mail (i.e., the cheapest shipping option) does NOT offer a real "tracking" number. Instead, it only offers a "Delivery Confirmation" number, which, as the name sounds, only gets updated after delivery.  As a result, if you try to "track" a Priority Mail package, it may indicate "Electronic shipping information received" (or something like that) until after you actually receive the package. 

    Express Mail, on the other hand, does offer a more FedEx-like tracking number.
  • Second, the US Postal Service does not update their tracking/delivery confirmation database in real time.  Depending on several factors (such as the time we print the shipping label, and the times at which the USPS runs their batch updates), it may take 12 to 24 hours for the database to be updated with current status information.

In general, when you receive our shipping confirmation e-mail (which contains either a Delivery Confirmation number or an Express Mail ID), it means that we have shipped your package (or are in the process of dropping it off at the Post Office.)

For FedEx, we do not send out the tracking number ourselves (although we're working on changing this behavior in our backend software.)  Instead, you will receive your tracking number directly from FedEx via e-mail.